Addon Installation

Install addons to expand ZeoBot's functionality.

Download the Addon

Join our Discord server, open a ticket for the customer role and navigate to the addons channel. In the addons channel you can find addons made by us and other approved Community Developers. Click the download link of the addon you want to install and you should be taken to its BuiltByBit page.

Unzip and Install the Addon

After downloading the addon .zip, unzip the file and move the resulting folder to ZeoBot's addons folder.

Configure the Addon

Some addons will need additional configuration. Check for any configuration files in the addon's folder and configure them to your liking. You must restart the bot for addons to be loaded.

If the addon is made by a Community Developer, you will need to contact them for support.

Do not install any ZeoBot addons that are not from us or a Community Developer as they may break the bot and potentially damage your system.

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