Welcome to ZeoBot's documentation. The purpose of this wiki is to guide you with setting up the bot, using it and upgrading to future versions. Still unsure? Join our Discord and talk to our friendly support team.

About ZeoBot

ZeoBot is a multipurpose Discord bot featuring all of the modules your server will love including moderation, tickets, XP, anti-raid tools, music and giveaways, for the cheapest price possible. Not conviced? Check out the full list of features on our BuiltByBit page.

ZeoBot is very developer-friendly, with a custom addon-manager, developers, including yourself, can code custom features and specify your own dependencies using the advanced addon-manager.

ZeoBot is highly customisable, featuring complete embed and command editing, allowing you to configure ZeoBot to match your style or even translate it into a different language. Configure settings, permissions, commands, embeds and more in the detailed configuration files.

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